Kevin Lyon from GunSkins

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We interviewed Kevin Lyon from GunSkins to learn more about vinyl wrapping and his company.

D:  Hi Kevin, So for those readers who are not familiar with GunSkins, can you tell us about your company?

Kevin:  We are a vinyl wrap company. We produce protective camo (and other patterns) vinyl for guns and pre-cut vinyl kits.  The kits can be general for rifles, pistols, etc but we also have very specific kits for AR’s.  I got started in 2013.  I am a die hard hunter and tactical hunter and concealment is imperative for that and I wanted something that wasn’t permanent and I wanted something that could be disassembled if I needed, so I decided I would just start my own vinyl wrap company.

D:  What is the process, in a nutshell, for vinyl wrapping?

Kevin:  Although you can vinyl wrap pretty much whatever, we will use the example of guns for this explaination; The most important part of the process is cleaning the weapon.  You absolutely need to degrease it and clean it well so that the vinyl can adhere to the components.  We use a low chemical degreasing component so that there are minimal traces afterward.  After you clean it, you drop on a pre-cut piece of vinyl and position it correctly on the item.  After you have the correct position you then heat it with a torch, heat gun or even a blow dryer (we use a torch) and then press it in place with your fingers.  The heat causes the vinyl to wrap to the item.  If you want to reverse the process you simply re-heat the item and re-position or remove the vinyl.

D:  What kinds of things are “wrappable” with vinyl?

Kevin:  Pretty much any material that is semi-rigid.  Car parts, plastics, woods, metals…pretty much anything as long as it isn’t a pliable and absorbent fabric.

D:  How long have you been working with Proveil?

Kevin: I have been working with Proveil patterns since the beginning of GunSkins. I love how diverse the patterns are and how functional they are.  You get more than just sticks and leaves camo.

D:  What is your favorite Proveil pattern?

Kevin:  I love Victory.

D: What is your dream wrap project?

Kevin: A tricked out AR.

D:  Will GunSkins be at the Vegas Shot Show in January?

Kevin:  Yes, we will be hanging out at the Shot Show this year.

And that concludes our interview.  You can find more information at

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