Wisconsin Hydrographics LLC Interview

WI hydro logo

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Hydrodipping Expert, Barry Nelson, of Wisconsin Hydrographics LLC to talk about his shop, hydro dipping history and advice about hydro dipping.  Here is what we talked about;

The History of Wisconsin Hydro Graphics LLC:

Nelson is a retired law enforcement agent and started hydro dipping as a part time hobby back around 2008.  Previously he had done a lot of airbrush work and while looking through a catalog, he came across a snakeskin pattern which he had thought was airbrushed, curious about the process he did some research and found out that it was in fact a pattern printed on a hydro graphic film.  Being the self propelled learner that he is, Barry decided to order a few meters of film along with some activator and started experimenting with the process. He really liked what he saw and decided to become certified through TWN Water Transfer Printing and from that was born the full time operation that is Wisconsin Hydrographics LLC.  Wisconsin Hydrographics is an FFL licensed, fully insured shop that specializes in airbrushing, hydro graphics and custom painting.  Wisconsin Hydrographics are experts in a technique that incorporates custom paint jobs with hydrographic film on top to give customers a multiple color blended/faded effect with a pattern over top, if you are looking for a fade or great blend underneath your film, they are your guys.

custom paint under hydro drip

Custom undercoat painting with hydrographic film on top

Barry likes to keep himself and his team one step ahead of the hydrographic industry and is always experimenting and patenting new techniques.  One of their most recent custom technologies was the development of a thermochromatic pigment that they transformed into a sprayable material.  What does that even mean?!  It means that if before reaching temperatures of 86 degrees Fahrenheit the pigment keeps a certain color and at 86 degrees or higher it changes it’s color composition— preferably to be used with cars or motors.  If you are a fellow hydrodipper, we have good news for you! The special sprayable pigment can be purchased in a variety of colors through www.ohwpaint.com by contacting them by phone and asking for the Wisconsin Hydrographics sprayable thermo chromatic pigment (the pigment is not yet available for sale directly on the website so you will have to talk with a representative to place an order).  Their contact information will be listed at the bottom of the page.

Here is a video link for the thermochromatic pigment.

woodgrain rims

Woodgrain Custom Rims

Wisconsin Hydrographics LLC has, to date, dipped everything from toilet seats to Ferraris.  They handle any production and any custom one-off jobs.  A majority of their business does come from the outdoor industry (hunting equipment, fire arms and accessories) but they also work with motorcycles, ATV’s and automotives, basically they can dip anything.

tool bench reaper z

Tool bench with Proveil Reaper Z

Here is an Underwater Movie that they did.

bows reaper H20

Fishing Bows with undercoat and Proveil Reaper H20

D: What is the History of Hydrodipping?

B: Hydro graphics film and the process of dipping, supposedly, was started in China around the early 90’s.  The automotive industry was using the technology for the woodgrain patterns they used on car interiors.  At some point in the mid 90’s the US automotive industry adopted the practice and it then became a popular in the outdoor hunting market.  In the early 2000’s it became something that was accessible to the public but it was very costly.  It wasn’t until the mid 2000’s that general consumers finally had the option to hydrodip personal items.  Currently there are only about 100 full time custom shops and a whole lot of garage dippers (independent dippers who work on part time projects).

Reaper Z with a custom color paint

Rifle with Proveil Reaper Z

D: What kind of advice can you give to those who are interested in the dipping process?

B: It is really important to research the process and products.  You need proper and complete training instructions so that you can know the process from start to finish.  It is also really important to select quality materials; from the films to the equipment to the finishes, that you will be using on the products.  Another key point to keep in mind is licensing and insurance — without these two you can find yourself in a world of trouble whether it be with FFL license and problems with the ATF or of course with insurance claims if something goes wrong during the dipping process, because accidents can and do happen.

Motorcycle parts reaper

Motorcycle with Proveil Reaper

D: What advice can you give to those who are interested in having something dipped?

B: 1. The most important thing to keep in mind is to be open to suggestions.  Although you think something might look good, the experts can always better guide you and suggest different designs or layouts to capitalize on your idea.

2.Do your homework and make surrey know where you are going and that the processors and team are knowledgeable and trained from the process to the paints to the coats to the films.

3. Listen to the processors and take their advice, they are the experts after all and have a better understanding.

4. Find out all of your options before you decide that what you have is the best, because once the work is done, it’s usually REALLY done and hard to re-verse if not impossible.

5.  Work with a team that will give you what you want the first time around.


Proveil Reaper Black

D: You have been working with our patterns and films for a while now, what is it that you like so much about them?

B: I have been working with your films since the release of Reaper Black and since the release of the other patterns we have kept them fully in stock (as permitted because sometimes they are in such high demand that there are backorders).  What we like so much about your films is that; they do not curl up in the water, they always activate properly, they have consistent hydration, they have good pattern and color quality and they are printed on an overall high quality film.  (Proveil Hydro Graphic Film can be ordered from TWN Industries. Our contact Person is Mike Richards)

D: What tips can you give our readers about choosing films?

B: Buy from a reputable vendor!! Films have about a 1 year shelf life because of the storage process and conditions so you want to make sure it is not old stock.  Just because you are getting a very low price does not mean it is a good film and usually is an indication that it will not be— just like with tattoos; “Cheap work is not good and good work is not cheap”.  If you are not getting film from a known supplier or vendor when you order the film (and this should be done as a sample batch) you will need to check for a few things; does it have a bit of stretch when you pull on it?  It should not tear like a paper would, it needs to have a bit of pliability and resistance, the edges should also should not curl when placed in water and it should absorb water across all sections evenly.

We recommend ordering films from:

Shawn Naughty Designz

Kansas Hydrographics

D: Does Wisconsin Hydrographics LLC have any news for 2015?

B: Yes.  Currently we are a 3,000 square foot facility but we have plans to expand another 6,000 square feet this year and to add another dipping tank with a robotic dipping arm as well as increase the staff selection.

Here is the 2015 Promotional Video for Wisconsin Hydrographics LLC.

I had a really great time talking with Barry, he really knows his stuff!

Here are some more ways you can get in touch with Wisconsin Hydrographics LLC:

Website: www.wihydro.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wisconsinhydrographics

Phone Number:  (920) 918-1045

Contact Person: Barry Nelson

One Hit Wonder Paint Contact:

Phone: 305-318-1459

Website: www.ohwpaint.com

Proveil Contact: 

Website: http://www.Proveil.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Proveilcamo


Twin State Hydrographics News Release

Twin State Logo

Twin State Hydrographics (a.k.a. Twin State Hydro) was started 3 years ago as a part time project in New Hampshire.  The owner and founder, Dan Gaspard, is a Navy Veteran and retired police officer and has always been surrounded by firearms in his professional and personal life.  He started with small DIY custom jobs and then moved on to customizing firearms and tactical gear for his fellow officers.  Once people saw Gaspard’s work, TSH took off and began custom coating; quads, sleds, bikes and car interiors with Cerakote and Duracoat and began offering hydrographic printing services.

Twin State Hydro recently shared some exciting news with Proveil: that due to the high demand for custom work that they have had over the past few years that they will be expanding the company and opening up a new shop in March.  Currently their turn around time is about 2-3 weeks out from the order, with the new shop they will be able to offer a turn around time of about one week.  Gaspard said that they have been taking their time with launching the new shop so that they could keep the prices low for their customers.  The new shop will offer Cerakote and Duracoat as well as hydrographic services.  With the increased staff and shop space TSH will be able to take on more clients as well as more manufacturing contracts and they are going to focus more on one-on-one design consultation with their clients.  One thing that Twin State Hydro has built its’ foundation on is customer service.  “We’re a small business.  Regardless of how “big” we get, we consider ourselves a small business.  We pride ourselves on customer service.  We get it right when you’re happy.”  We at Proveil respect that mentality and fully support our partners in all of their endeavors, we are happy to see them grow as a company and can full heartedly say that Twin State Hydro turns out some awesome top quality work.

Twin State Hydro logo 2

Twin State Hydrographics has always been good to us and they always keep our Reaper Z, Reaper Buck, Reaper Woods and Reaper Black stocked in their shops.  With the expansion of the company they are going to begin offering a larger stock collection of our designs.  We are thrilled! See some Examples Below of some amazing custom jobs Twin State Hydro has done with our designs:

PK380 Reaper Black

PK380 in Reaper Black

AR15 Reaper Z

AR15 in Reaper Z

Zombahawk Reaper Z

Zombahawk in Reaper Z

AR in Reaper Black

AR in Reaper Black

reaper z stock

Stock in Reaper Z

As a special thanks to all of the customers who have supported and helped Twin State Hydro grow over the past few years they will be offering a 20% discount on your entire order for the entire month of March.

Get in touch with Twin State Hydro to place your order through the following:

Phone: 603-667-0473

E-mail: twinstatehydro@gmail.com

Website: http://www.twinstatehydro.com

Instagram: http://instagram.com/twinstatehydro/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TwinStateHydrographics

And as always visit us at :




Double G Hog Control: An Interview with Jody Greene

double G 2

On Monday, February 2nd I had the pleasure of being able to talk with southern gentleman Jody Greene of Double G Hog Control.  Jody Shared with me the mission and history of Double G and here is a recap of what he had to say:

Double G Hog Control was started a few years back by Jody Greene and his wife Tracy — they started by going out on hog night hunts together. A farmer who lived close to the Greenes asked them if they could help with a problem he had; the hogs were coming onto his land at night and destroying his crops.  The first two nights that the Greenes went out they killed around 15 or 16 hogs.  After those two nights the farmer was able to see a huge difference and was able to save his crop.  Soon Jeff Goeggle, Jody’s best friend, joined the Greene Team, word eventually got out about what they were doing and the trio began receiving requests from farmers all around the Louisiana area to help with their hog problems.

Now for those of you who don’t know, wild hogs are detrimental to crops and farmland; hogs have an extremely well developed sense of smell and when farmers plant their crops the hogs search out the seed with precision-like accuracy and uproot the seeds and eat them, they often do this to the entire line and can deplete a small farm in a matter of a hours; hogs generally travel in a sounder (a group) and it is not uncommon to see 300 acre farms devastated after a night of feasting.  This destruction makes it very hard, if not impossible, to re-plant a crop and it severely affects the livelihood of the farmers and their families.  It has been said that a single hog will cost a farmer approximately $3,200 per year – if you factor in that hogs travel in sounders and that females can reproduce with a litter that has between 6-12 shoats up to 3 times per year, the results can be grave.

In their first year, Double G killed 420 hogs.  In their second they killed 400.  They now have permission to hunt hogs on over 200,000 acres of farm between the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas and hope to increase their territories in the upcoming seasons.  One of the questions I had for Jody was, “What do you do with the hogs after the kill?”. He answered with the following;

“We give them away.  We fill freezers.” They give the meat to locals in the areas where they hunt.  One thing that Double G is focusing on right now is working with the organization “Hunters for the Hungry”, who disperse meat from kills to different organizations and programs for the hungry or for families in need, but the program needs approval for funding for the testing of the meat to be able to distribute to the public.  Luckily, for the most part Double G is able to donate the majority of the meat to local families in the cities in towns where they hunt.

US night vision

Some advice that Jody gave me about hog hunting is that it is really important to have the proper equipment and training to hunt hogs; safety, practice and reliable high quality equipment is essential for a successful hunt.  Since the best hunting time for hogs is at night the Greenes use night vision equipment provided by US night vision, their specialist Fred Auget can help you choose the right gear if you are interested in night vision gear. Jody uses our Reaper Hog pattern on his Remington R-25 .308.  With their equipment and safety measures Double G has never had an accident or killed any animal that wasn’t a hog on their hunts.

Jodys gun with reaper hog

Double G’s services have been such a great help to farmers in their area.  Not only do they help the welfare of the agricultural industry and economy but they also provide many families with hundreds of pounds of meat, free of charge.  Proveil would like to wish them the best of luck in their endeavors and we hope that we are able to help get the word out about their services. One last thing I wanted to mention about Double G Hog Control is that they do not charge a single dime for what they do; that is right, they do this from the kindness of their hearts because they believe in paying it forward.  So, with that being said, we ask that you share this article and help get Double G some more exposure.

If you would like to contact Double G Hog Control, here is how you can reach them:

Jody Greene 

Double G Hog Control

Cell# 601-807-1967

Email greeneroper74@aol.com


Fred Auget 

USA night vision

(cel) 404-444-3202 or 334-363-2166


logo 2 night vision

Proveil Launches New Project With Atomic Industries

atomic Archery ogo

Proveil Launches New Project With Atomic Industries

Proveil is excited and proud to announce that we have partnered up with Atomic Custom Camouflage Apparel of Atomic Industries and their Archer Jersey Collection to launch a custom Proveil line of sporting jerseys. The line features the traditional Proveil patterns; Digital Gillie, H20 white, H20 Black, Reaper Black, Reaper Buck, Reaper Hog, Reaper Z and Victory.   The new line also features a pink came designs; Backwoods Diva as well as the special edition patterns; Fall Woods, Liberty, Reaper Buck Enhanced and Reaper Woods Enhanced (which are patters that only available in vinyl wrap, heat transfer and in the clothing line).

The Jersey is available two different 2 styles; short sleeve and long sleeve and the come custom designed and printed with your company or sponsor logo and even your name.  You can order in single or multiple quantities and you will work directly with the designer to ensure that your jersey design is exactly how you want it. The jerseys are made from top quality materials and are built tough.

This exclusive release is big news for Proveil and currently the Archer Jersey Collection is the only option for clothing that Proveil offers.

What we love about this collection is the number of options that you have for pattern design and the fact that we are offering two pink camo designs for the ladies but obviously ladies are always welcome to order the traditional patterns as well.

Check out the Jersey Options here and get your order in.

Put Your Guns Up: The Shot Show 2015

shot shot blog

Las Vegas.  January 20th-23rd 2015. The Sands Expo Center.  Be There.

This January NSSF Shot Show 2015 will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Sands Expo Center, located at the Venetian on Sands Avenue.  The Shot Show is one of the most anticipated events in the outdoor sports, hunting and fire arms industries.

Some of the featured big names at this years Shot Show are; Our friends 556 Tactical, Alexander Arms, Bluegrass Gunworks, LLC, Colbalt Kinetics, Elite Survival Systems, ESS Solutions, Force TR Export Import, Gamo Outdoor USA Inc., Helle Knives, I Love My Glock, Inc., L2D Custom Combat, Lund Industries, Inc., Miguel Caballero, Noctis Technologies, Presma Inc., Quantico Tactical, Ruger Firearms, Skull Hooker, Thor GDG, UM Tactical, Victor Company USA and many more.  There are 1,684 exhibitors at the event this year, I suggest that you attend all 4 days so you can visit all of them.

Including the exhibitors there will be OVER 65,000. people in the industry from over 100 countries.  The event is not open to the public and you must be able to prove with documentation that you work in the shooting, hunting and outdoor trade industry.  Also, Minors under the age of 16 are not permitted. And of course, don’t forget your government issued ID.

During the Shot Show you will also have the chance to attend the educational program held by NSSF, The Shot Show University. There will be seminars, keynote speakers, and 4 modules of firearm related education.  Click this Link to find out more about the day long program.

The great folks at Shot Show have also came up with some resources for travelers on a budget with their travel guide page.

Proveil will be at Shot Show 2015 with some exciting news! To make an appointment to see us please contact; info@proveil.com or danielle@proveil.com.

ATA Trade Show: Coming Right Up!

ATA 2015

This January 8-10 Indianapolis, Indiana will host the 2015 ATA Trade Show at the Indiana Convention Center.  This is a not-to-miss, all things Bows and Archery, biggest trade show in the industry. If you are a member of the ATA then you’ll have no problem requesting pasees to attend or exhibit at this show, if not you can still get your membership dues in for the 2014-2015 year by registering here.  If you are a member of the ATA, request your information via the webpage www.Archerytrade.org.

This year’s show will feature; 30 Free Seminars, over 550 exhibitors, a full itinerary of events throughout the week, various drawings and giveaways by the biggest names in the industry, open shooting lanes to try out the latest and greatest models, endless networking and marketing opportunities with the anticipated attendance of over 8,000 attendees and hundreds of companies and of course, the great experience of attending the LARGEST show in the archery industry.

ATA has reserved a special block for conference attendees and you can reserve your rooms by clicking this link.  Of course if you would like to book other hotels we went ahead and did some research to save you some money.  Here are a list of 5 hotels near the convention center with great room rates;

  • The Crown Plaza Indianapolis
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites
  • Stone Soup Inn
  • Park Place at City Center
  • Hyatt Place Indianapolis Airport

We suggest you book with Travelocity, Expedia or Kayak to get the best room rates possible.

Another option, which we love, is booking rooms through Air B-n-B.  Air B-n-B offers weekend (or weekday) apartment rentals and you can choose your level of price and accommodation from the list provided on the website.

If you are looking for things to do while you visit Indianapolis, here is the visitors guide.  We hope you have an awesome time at the show and we would love to hear about your experience.  Post a comment and share pictures with Proveil after you trip and stop by and find us at the show, we’ve got some exciting news to share with you!

To schedule an appointment with Proveil at this year’s ATA please contact info@proveil.com or danielle@proveil.com